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Disaster Fixed!

"I've been going to Mariella since I was 16 years old. Being that I am now 31 I'd say that's a long time!! As a natural blonde I have always wanted darker hair. Anything from brown to deep red and I've done it too. I have done different things both with Mariella and on my own. Each time I "do drastic" on my own I have regreted it and ended up going back to Mariella to fix it.

"Marialla has been seeing me as a client since I was in high school, through my professional career as an Executive of a large staff (over 100) to now, a full-time mother. She even did my hair for my wedding!! Heck she was at my wedding!!!

"Always keeping my current life and job in mind Mariella never did something she didn't think would go well with me or my day to day life. I know I can trust her opinion and her techniques on my hair. I consider that I have fine, wavy hair that is difficult to handle. She knows my hair and knows what will work on me as far as cuts and manageability. I often go in not really knowing what I want and just letting her do what she thinks is best. There have been times I wanted something and she would say "No" because that wouldn't work on me or my face. I appreciate her honesty and her educated viewpoint on what would and would not work for me. She has always been there and works her hardest to make herself available for me.

"I remember once I died my hair a deep red (on my own). Because of my blonde hair I had to keep dying it to keep the roots from showing (like once every 3 weeks). I had a huge event at work and needed to freshen up my color. It was late and I needed to do it myself. My husband wanted me to go back to blonde to "save some money". So... off to the grocery store I went with my best friend. BAD IDEA. 6 hours later and 4-5 bleach kits later I had given up in tears. My hair went from this red that I liked to a complete mess. I tried saving money by "doing drastic" myself.

"My hair had gone from the fine, waveyness I was used to, to hair the consistency of a troll doll (I'm not exaggerating either). It was dry, brittle and had like five different colors running through it unevenly. I had white, yellow, orange, red blotches and even green spots on my head. I was a mess. I cried myself to sleep for the 30 minutes of sleep that I did get. I needed my hair to be saved. I was prepared to have to cut it all off (it was down to the middle of my back). I thought I had ruined it.

"I called Mariella first thing in the morning and she told me to go right in and see her. She saved my hair! She did some special treatments and actually made my hair look amazing. When I got into work that day my staff would comment on how beautiful my hair was. Little did they know... it was a miracle I had hair!!

"I love Mariella as a dear friend and as a hair artist. I have recommended her to many of my friends and my family and will continue to do so!"

Kirsten P. – Tustin, California

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