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"She transformed my hair!"

"Since coming to see Mariella for all of my hair needs, I have experienced many things, one being her high standard of professionalism, but also her kindness and sincerity for the principles she lives by.  Those principles are incorporated into the safety and integrity of her hair products, her idea on what’s best for the cut and color of my hair, to her willingness to listen to my concerns.

"Mariella is a team player all the while she remains open and honest about her knowledge and experience on what is right for my hair needs.  She lays everything out for you, so that anyone can be better educated on their hair needs and concerns.  With this said, Mariella has transformed my hair from a thick, curly, coarse mane, to a more luxurious feel, smooth shiny sheen, and hair as light as a feather (no pun intended).

"The health of my hair is due to the technique she uses to cut and style my hair and with all natural and safe products which in and of itself is minimal.  I never experienced this before as stylists usually use product in my hair and lots of it.  Even then I experienced frizziness or “big” hair.  Mariella’s special technique for coarse, thick, curly hair has allowed for much wanted versatility and manageability for different hair styles I can incorporate into my daily routine.

"Whether I want to wear my hair straight or curly, it is truly manageable and beautiful.  I have only been pleased and have nothing but wonderful things to say about my hair and to top it off, Mariella is a person I really love to be around.  I can’t think of a better time getting my haircut than with someone who not only makes you look beautiful, but feel beautiful too!"

Barbi G. – Long Beach, California

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I am committed to making sure you are happy with my services, and will do what is necessary to make sure that happens.  Refer a friend and receive $30 off your next service.

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