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Permanent Straightening

model1 model2 model3 Yuko and Mariella
Three before and after examples of my hair straightening skills.

Mariella with Miss Yuko

I offer a range of services to help tame, smooth out, control, and permanently straighten curly and frizzy hair. I am passionate about finding the best solutions for curly hair, so I continually educate myself on the latest chemical straightening procedures.  I only use products that have proven to be the most effective in creating stunning results, without having any adverse effects on clients’ health.  I determine the best permanent straightening system for each individual client upon the initial, complimentary consultation.

I am certified and highly knowledgeable in the following:
  • Yuko System: An exclusive thermal reconditioning process developed in Japan and used by many celebrities, to permanently straighten curly hair. It can also be used to repair frizzy, damaged hair, and leaves the hair looking and feeling silky smooth. Results last until the there is about 3 inches of re-growth. This can take about 6-10 months. No harsh fumes. Highly recommended!
  • Bio Ionic: An ion-retexturizing system developed in Japan, which locks moisture into the hair shaft and smooths out curls. Results last 4-6 months and no harsh chemicals are used. This technique does not fully straighten the hair, and requires upkeep and flat-ironing.
  • Paul Brown: Reduces curls by 30% to 60%. Results last up to 3 months. Please contact me to find out if this is right for you.
  • Brazilian Blow-out: Temporary frizz control. Lasts only 6 to 8 weeks (depending on how often you wash your hair). Harsh fumes. I personally do not recommend this product. Please feel free to ask me for more information.
  • FHI Heat Texture Smooth System: Thermal reconditioning process that permanently straightens the hair. Lasts 6 to 8 months. I do not recommend this for highly processed hair. Please call for more information.
  • Sodium Straightening: I used this form of straightening many years ago, before  thioglycollate products were on the market. Sodium straighteners are extremely harsh and damaging to the hair. I do not recommend this.

Complimentary Consultation

For further information contact Mariella at (949) 645-5607 and book your FREE 30-minute consultation!


My Guarantee

I am committed to making sure you are happy with my services, and will do what is necessary to make sure that happens.  Refer a friend and receive $30 off your next service.

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