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Hair Cutting

hair-cuttingThrough my extensive education in cutting-edge European hairstyles I have learned that the true hair artist does not emulate, she innovates! That's why I never follow a prototype when cutting hair for men, women or children. I bring out each person's individuality and personalize each haircut by paying close attention to the following:
  • Hair type (curly/wavy/straight)
  • Hair texture (fine/coarse)
  • Amount of hair
  • Angulations of the jaw line
  • Face shape (oval, round, square, heart-shaped)
  • Profession
  • Lifestyle
  • Size of the ears
  • Neck length
  • Overall body structure
For example, someone with curly hair should have their hair cut in a way that minimizes bulkiness, while enhancing movement and flow of the hair. This is often accomplished by a special texturizing technique. I also specialize in cutting straight, Asian-style hair, which requires an entirely different technique. I focus on easy upkeep and low maintenance, creating styles that are easy for my clients to wear everyday. A good haircut will grow out in style!

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I am committed to making sure you are happy with my services, and will do what is necessary to make sure that happens.  Refer a friend and receive $30 off your next service.

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